ADHD Today: Untangling Myths and Offering Strategies

“We think of it as a physiologically based condition,” says Dr. Melhim Restum, a psychologist with ADDapt Michigan in Sterling Heights. “Most of us in the field believe it is a genetic predisposition, passed down to a person through heredity – except in really rare cases where some things can happen during pregnancy or birth that cause physiolog

Three keys to treating mental illness in America

A Friday night sleep over at our home for our first grandchild, 22 months old, and his mother – our own first born. Saturday morning I’m watching him buzz around. I feel immensely happy until a worry crosses my mind. It is quickly replaced with gratitude that he is so healthy. I hope that he will stay this way. Twenty-plus years ago my niece was now

Nationally Acclaimed Social Skills Training Program

ADDapt Michigan Seminars NEW: Nationally Acclaimed Social Skills Training Program ADDapt offers a nationally acclaimed social skills training program that is fun, affordable, and effective. Two separate 8 week programs are available. Parents please call (586) 554-2291 now to register your child for classes starting in the fall and winter. Groups are con

AADapt Michigan Launches Brand New Website

We are excited to announce that we have launched a completely new look and feel to our website today. The website is faster, cleaner, more modern, and offers more features. Also, our website is mobile friendly so you can access all website features from your cell phone or/and tablet. We hope you like it!