Anger Management Training

Our goals when working with children with ADHD are to help them avoid the disruption caused from angry and aggressive behavior and to help the children avoid developing serious and life-altering problems.

Often children who suffer from ADHD have difficulty complishing tasks and establishing and maintaining friendships and this can lead to frustration and anger. In the anger management group, we will be helping the children learn how to take time out, learn new coping skills, resolve conflict, identify areas of interest in their lives and develop mastery in those areas so as to feel competent about themselves.

For instance, we will teach them the difference between assertive behavior and aggressive behavior. We will teach them how to own their feelings and behaviors. In other words, we will teach them how not to blame others for their feelings and actions and in doing so, allow them to resolve relationship conflict, at least We will demonstrate relaxation techniques using word control, imaging and special breathing.

We will help them to identify internal and external triggers for their anger, including arrogance, perfectionism, showing off, teasing, bullying, etc. Special attention will be devoted to developing a healthy conscience, as opposed to having feelings of shame, which can cripple their desire to succeed in life. The concept of making mistakes and the fact that this is part of life and that mistakes have consequences will also be addressed as will the idea that mistakes can be used as an opportunity for growth. We will teach the children that ulitmately, their lives will be more creative and productive if they make fewer and less costly mistakes.

Lastly, we will teach them how to express themselves in a variety of situations, including times when it is healthy and appropriate to say “no”. One of the major problems children with ADHD have is with impulsivity. Being prepared to say no to dangerous situations is something that is necessary for them to master so that they can avoid life-altering mistakes.